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Advantages of Melamine Glue

What are the advantages of melamine glue over screws and other traditional fasteners?

If it’s not glued, you could be screwed.

Melamine panels are popping up everywhere these days. Modern doors, kitchen cabinets, and even shop fronts are all seen carrying that distinctive glossy finish. Combining elegance, durability, and low-cost, melamine panels are an obvious choice for value-conscious installers.

But what is the best way to install them? Screws are seen as cheap and easy-to-use, while glues are often seen as messy and complicated.

The truth is not so simple. Although convenient, the uneven pressure exerted by screws can cause unsightly cracks and splinters on melamine panels, wasting hours of hard work. Melamine adhesives provide the dual benefits of strength and flawlessness.

Strength. Melamine adhesives provide a very strong bond without risking damage to the cabinet. Unlike screws, adhesives spread the stress of the join evenly across the panel. This eliminates the risk of pressure cracks from screws and other fasteners.

Flawlessness. Glue gives installers more freedom to work to their customers’ specifications and make their vision a reality. This is achieved by removing the need for screws, leaving an attractive, uniform finish on their melamine cabinets. 

What is the best glue to use? Water-based adhesives are a popular choice as they offer strength and convenience without sacrificing the safety of installers. Woodlok 3150 is a prime example of a water-based melamine adhesive. This versatile adhesive can be applied in temperatures as low as 2ºC, thereby reducing delays on cold winter mornings. The long working time allows ample time for precision joining. Clean-up is simple — excess glue is easily wiped away with water and a rag.

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