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Why pay more for HSE?

Other glues are cheaper. Why should I pay more for Cantac HSE?

Breathe easy with HSE contact adhesive
Cantac HSE is a high-performance contact adhesive specially formulated for bonding acoustic insulation, HPL, office partitions, and much more. A stronger, safer alternative to conventional canister adhesives, Cantac HSE easily outguns the competition.


Many common contact adhesives contain methylene chloride, a carcinogen which can put workers in danger. It is difficult and expensive to protect the health of workers because methylene chloride cannot be filtered with cartridge masks—an air fed mask and hood must be used. Air extraction is usually also required in production environments to protect other workers from being exposed.

In contrast, Cantac HSE is non-toxic and contains no methylene chloride. HSE allows you to avoid the hassle and expense of masks and respirators. As long as the worksite is well ventilated, no respiratory protection is required.

Strength & Consistency

HSE is a premium high-strength glue. Far less glue is needed than conventional spray contact adhesives, so installers are able to work faster, and jobs are more cost-effective.

Thanks to the outstanding strength of HSE, there is no need to worry about failures down the track. If the glue is applied properly, it is a permanent bond. In ten years of use in Australia and New Zealand there has never been a failure of HSE when correct procedures have been followed.

Open Time

Methylene chloride glues have an open time of less than 30 minutes. Pieces assembled after this time won’t bond properly. HSE can remain open for up to 24 hours, allowing for greater production flexibility as well as confidence of the strongest bond.


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HSE Overview

Cantac HSE is a high strength, high heat resistant, low odour contact spray adhesive with an extra-long working time formulated specifically for bonding polyester wall coverings such as Autex acoustic solutions and insulation, office partitions, High Pressure Laminates (HPL) to MDF, particleboard and plywood. HSE is approved by Autex for insulation installation. For the full rundown, click here to view the website listing.

Jobs which require methylene chloride glue

Of course, there are times when only a methylene chloride glue will do the job. For these specialist jobs, Glue Guru offers Cantac High-Tac, a high performance glue that does contain methylene chloride. When using this glue, we strongly recommend that you read the safety data sheet and follow all necessary precautions.


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